Guangdong Fangxiang ceramics CO.,LTD. - China construction ceramics leadership brand, cloud tile products founder (marble tiles and porcelain tiles upgrade products).In 2009, Guangdong Fangxiang ceramics CO.,LTD was formally established, which added an innovative force to China's ceramics industry and wrote a new chapter in the pottery industry. It has been eight years since its founding, and has developed into a leading enterprise in China. The company covers an area of 1100 mu, office and showroom with a total area of nearly 7000 square meters, has 9 lines of the world first-class overall polishing production, annual production capacity of nearly 60 million square meters, annual output value 1.5 billion yuan. Since its establishment, the company has made large taxpayer, consumer products, China 's ceramic industry quality products, the company passed the ISO9000:2008 quality management system certification, ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification and national mandatory product certification certificate, occupational health and safety management system certification.


       Powerful brand background, cannot leave the advanced production system,FANXIANG ceramic enterprise as a dominated by product strategy of enterprises, as the creator of the focus of building ceramic category, we extremely pay attention to product research and development and technology innovation, as early as in the direction of ceramic formed early, we will become a set research and development of innovative product design team, we according to ceramic tile, marble tile cloud attributes of product process and technical requirement, to find the matching production system, and technology upgrading, make product production quality and process of the degree of effect to the most vivid and real bionic texture.Our high standards of control for all production line and real time process monitoring, ensure that every piece of products before the eyes of the customer to present the most perfect quality and process performance.

      FangXiang Ceramic Enterprise is a good team full of creative spirit and creativity ,it encourage everyone to participate in innovation and reform of enterprises,let every employee's talents and ideas can be fully developed and respected . Our company has created a more humanization management system ,it makes our enterprise operation conform to the world and market , including enterprise management centertraining centerproduct r&d centerenterprise planning centerimage design centermarketing centerinternational trade departmententerprise strategy center . Our team structure and human resources are equipped with market demand makes  FangXiang Ceramic Enterprise more flexible and efficient.In 2016, we set up  FangXiang ceramics business school for our employees,in order to offer them professionalsystematicin-depth job training , it also supports employees studying deeply in the higher education institutions . These teams will continue to improve and grow in the future,then provide more professional and comprehensive business services for dealers and terminal customers.


       After nearly 10 years of operation and development, we have begun to take a strong step in the market of the world ceramic industry with new ideas and unchanging beliefs. No matter how the market changes, we always adhere to the cloud tile, and convert most of the revenue into product development resources, keep the product in the technical and market leader position. In the future, we will continue to work hard, keep a higher strategic positioning, insist on more focus category spirit, as always do well in and keep improving the cloud of ceramic tile, let it become the most trusted brand in consumer memory, we will be in a more professional attitude, let the fangxiang ceramic instead of natural stone material, to protect the earth the concept of the natural environment as the primary mission.

      Follow FangXiang and bring you a future .Our company specializes in the production of all kinds of specificationshigh grade polished tiles, glazed tiles and other series tiles.We inherit the enterprise mission that creates the ideal living space for you, wholeheartedly for your service.