FanXiang ceramices enterprise "diligent, thrifty, essence, sincerity, letter" to set up the enterprise image for the operation idea, with "the time of fearless time test, the quality still guarantees" to establish the brand for the quality policy.

      Professional quality, the choice of confidence!

     FanXiang ceramices enterprises based on the professional advantages, adhering to the essence of Chinese traditional culture, "industry fine designed, practice makes perfect", is determined in the professional production of polishing brick and more accord with human living space "humanity, green, science and technology, environmental protection" direction of new materials research and development, FanXiang ceramices enterprise become professional brand products are the ideal choice for customers;Because of the particularity of its consumption, architectural decoration has become the most core concept and the focus of consumers.FanXiang ceramices enterprises, with reasonable price, to offer the best professional products to consumers, advocate scientific rational consumption, bring health, wonderful and fashion to your life.  

      Fearless time test, quality still assures!

      Regardless of whether they are large public buildings, or ordinary people home curtilage, all hope that the long through wind and rain, but still strong as ever, this requires our building materials product must be able to meet the requirements of that.FanXiang ceramicenterprise, it is deeply connect people from the heart good looking forward to, cherish your each effort, while the aesthetic and artistic decoration won't because of the change of time obsolete and outdated, always filled with the inspiration of space art, just as direction ceramic choose brand mark, after wind and rain sharpen, but appeal to last forever...

      Enterprise mission

Uphold the ideal living space for human creation of the enterprise mission, FanXiang ceramics enterpriseare offering quality products at the same time, create a unique personality of enterprise culture, so as to build up a high fusion staff team cohesion, injected more inspiration and energy to the product:

      Create value in the communication--- will be open to inside and outside the FanXiang ceramics  enterprise as a system, and the direct users, industry experts, designers, and to establish the enterprise internal management and employees, between the departments of borderless communication, sharing and interaction, to realize product innovation inspiration so as to make our products more competitive;

      See change into opportunities, in order to make our ideal, we will take the market as the center to seek better change - the goals of the company, the company's products, the company's attitude and behavior, from the change of the market opportunity, and will change with the challenge of new business opportunities and constantly create a more flexible and competitive enterprise;

      Motivate staff in the team performance, enterprise pursues people-oriented human resources policies, to make the direction to become a sage rule, hiring and promotion decisions are based on the basis of ability and performance.Within the enterprise system, make no secret of the recognition and rewards are practice the company values and the spirit of enterprise, through creative practice at the same time to create the performance.

      Our corporate culture has always been committed to creating an atmosphere that will drive the company's growth.