FanXiang Ceramic enterprise team outbreak to

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At 09:30 on August 9, 2017, the direction of ceramic team ushered in the second race of 2017CCBA, let us review the wonderful course of the game now!


The beginning of the game, the direction of the first force ceramic team, a fast break scored the first goal, then, the game fierce competition. In the evenly matched battle, the two sides shot a wave of 35:28 in the first half offensive climax, the cheering team on the sidelines are also feeling high, from time to time issued a burst of applause, a warm atmosphere, and the integration of morale on the field.



To force the cheerleaders
Stadium, the beautiful three-pointers, tight defense, clever steals, pleasing fancy basket so that the direction of the ceramic team harvested numerous applause and cheers, as the field's most shining god.







Wonderful goal highlights
Easy side battles the second half, the two sides once fell into a stalemate, the points difference has remained at about 5 minutes, then the direction of the ceramic team with superb ball and teammate's tacit understanding, continue to expand points difference ahead of the Ouya ceramic team, the court Extreme tension.
Although Ouya ceramic team menacing, but the direction of the ceramic team still maintained a very good defensive, and always did not let the other go-ahead score, and finally to the score of 66:58 OUYA ceramic team, gains victory!




Strong opponents, not terrible, the most important thing is to have a courage to fight with opponents confident courage. We believe that in the next competition, the direction of the Ceramics team will continue to work together, make progress bravely, defeat the opponent and become the most handsome basketball star on the CCBA court!