CCBA FanXiang ceramic enterprise team opening game tonight passion

Date:2017-09-26 Hits:
Extra! Extra!
August 2, that is today
We all look forward to the direction of the ceramic team CCBA first battle
Nanzhuang will soon visit the Cultural Center
Fiery basketball game explosive
Shame basketball enthusiasts, cheer up
Take a look at the specific matchup
 The lineup


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Do not miss such a wonderful game yo


Exciting game to be staged
Taking into account that we may not know the game address and traffic Raiders
So we are here to guide you in advance
look here! ! look here! !
Competition address
Nanzhuang Cultural Center, Foshan Chancheng Nanzhuang Avenue West on the 1st
bus routes
Take 133,143,149,219,225 get off at Nanzhuang Cultural Center Station
Parking guidelines



this summer
CCBAA basketball league blew the horn of youth
First expedition
Fitness vigorous direction athletes who will show what style it?
Tonight 7:30, Nanzhuang Cultural Center
We see it