Cooperation, win-win!

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On May 24, Mr. Liang Weiming, Chairman of Guangdong Orient Enterprises and Ms. Liu Liryan, Managing Director of the Company, headed the production and sales department of the direction enterprises to Guangdong Benla New Material Co., Ltd. for study tour.


Guangdong Benlang New Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to Ben Lang) was founded in 2000. Since the establishment of the company, around the management policy of "excellence, continuous innovation and value creation", we have been tirelessly focused on the research and development of super-hard material products and have now become one of the leading enterprises in China's super-hard material products industry. Ranked the world's ceramic tool market share of the first place.
Today, let us start from the company Lean management model Lean, a strong corporate culture to start, she created a "legend" to a deep understanding.



First of all, Chairman Liang and his entourage, accompanied by Mr. Hu Huiyang (Deputy General Manager Hu), deputy general manager & board secretary of Baililan Company, conducted a thoroughgoing visit to the company's production workshop.
Brigitte Hu introduced the company, they will regularly hold "Lean Lean Management PK Competition", this competition not only allows employees to improve spontaneously, but also allow all employees have the opportunity to make suggestions for the development of the company.
In order to ensure the effectiveness of lean management reform, Benny Company strives to penetrate the concept of lean manufacturing management into every position and every employee, forming a good atmosphere of full participation, continuous improvement and excellence so as to cope with the rapidly changing market requirements .
During the visit, Beilun Company impressed Leung Chairman and his party with the lean concept and the management mode of lean concept to enhance the production site, no matter advanced production equipment, strict and meticulous production data, or the systematic and harmonious management of various departments. .


Subsequently, the Chairman of Board of Chairman Ben Lang of Benla Company visited the Propaganda Hall of Corporate Culture of Benlai House. BenQ Company's Corporate Culture Propaganda Room from different perspectives such as corporate culture wall, business song, honors, etc. Position show the staff and the common progress of the development process of struggle.
In order to create a strong corporate culture and inspire employees to thrive, the Company pays close attention to the work life of employees and creates an exclusive staff home. In addition, it organizes summer activities for employees 'children and motivates its employees' next generation growing up.
Mr. Ben Leung and his entourage really felt the charm of the core values of corporate culture of "Innovation, Integrity, Respect, Passion, Responsibility and Winning" by Prof. Hu, CEO of BenQ Company. All of them are sentimentally aware .

During the conversation, the total company of Mr. Hu and Mr. Liang of Benla Company conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on the integration of BenQ with the operation level and management mode. After a pleasant and interactive exchange of views, Chairman Liang highly praised the development of BenQi Company and expressed his intention that the Company will continue to strengthen its interaction with BenQ Company and achieve win-win cooperation.

Beam chairman said: "The product is the life of the enterprise, every detail of the production process can not be ignored, only the real idea of lean manufacturing throughout every employee in order to enable enterprises to have a long-term development vitality, so that consumers get Better product experience and service. This tour of learning, inspired, inspired! "
In the end, Chairman Liang and his entourage said that through this observation and study, the Company's management model, profound cultural concept and bright development prospect of BenQ Company truly felt the same, and at the same time strengthened the orientation of the enterprise. Like the company, "focus on quality, to the world" as a goal of hard work!