Ceramic Mosaic Tile: Experts advise you to choose the best method of ceramic tile

Date:2017-11-25 Hits:

    Ceramic mosaic tiles suitable for laying the bathroom floor, selection should choose excellent products. Ceramic mosaic tiles by the side length of not more than 50mm single ceramic tiles attached to the backing paper to become a brick joint. A single ceramic tile square, rectangular, hexagonal, trapezoidal, etc .; made of the brick subdivision square, rectangle, etc., brick side length of 284,295,305,325 and so on.
    Ceramic mosaic tiles according to the surface properties are divided into glazed or unglazed mosaic tiles; according to the brick is divided into monochrome, parquet two. Ceramic mosaic tiles by size tolerance and appearance quality is divided into two kinds of quality products and qualified products.
    The number of tiles required for ceramic tiles can be calculated as follows:
    Ceramic tile number of blocks = (laying area / area per board) × (1 + ceramic tile loss rate)
    Ceramic tile loss rate: not spent 1.5% of the flowers; take 6% of the flowers.
    Ceramic tiles mosaic with carton packaging, indicate the name of the manufacturer, trademark, factory lot number, name, size, quantity level, color number and moisture and fragile mark.
    Mosaic ceramic tile transport to be gently, prohibited damp. Storage should be by grade, variety, color number were stacked.

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